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About Cecelia

I was born and grew up on a farm in Nebraska.  I am a “middle” child in a family of eight children.

Ever since I can remember I have loved making art.  I recall as a little girl sitting at the kitchen table in my parents’ farmhouse scribbling out fanciful little drawings.  My parents nurtured this interest and always encouraged me to use art as a means to express myself.

I enjoy working in clay, and learned to throw on the pottery wheel when I was in college.  I graduated “cum laude” with a B.F.A.E in art and a M.S.E. in counseling.  I have worked as a K-12 art teacher and as a high school counselor. I retired from education and now enjoy spending my time in the studio, covered in clay, and with my husband and family.

Working with clay has been an exciting journey for me.  There’s so much to learn about design, the clay itself, glazes, how heat works and ultimately how all of these variables leaves their mark on a piece of pottery, is a humbling experience.  I remain in awe of the process.  It is fascinating to work with a material that can take on any form and represent any aesthetic. I am continually drawn to learn new skills and techniques.

Artist Statement

My medium of choice is clay. I have not found any other artistic medium that is as versatile. I work primarily on the wheel to create both functional and decorative pottery.  All of my pottery is completely crafted by hand.

I am drawn to the challenge of the teapot, and enjoy making interesting teapots from porcelain and stoneware clay. The teapots are completely functional, and offer the user not only a clever way to decorate the kitchen, but a fun way to serve up a nice hot cup of tea.

I also love to make “magical” vessels using raku firing techniques.  These pieces are for decorative use only. Instead of using glazes, I experiment with natural materials, such as horsehair to create decorative effects. These materials leave random markings on the polished clay surface during and after the firing process. Occasionally I will add branches and twigs to the lid after firing, to complete my piece.

Red Oak Iowa Pottery